The process of writing has something infinite about it.
~Elias Canetti (Nobel Literature Laureate, 1981)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Something Infinite

I often wonder what my great grandparents would have said to me if they had been given the opportunity. What would a letter written a century ago, to future unknown descendants have looked like. When I write, I like to hope that I am leaving a note to future generations of my family. I write about what is important to me. 

The thing is, I don't imagine that teenagers several generations from now will be interested in reading an essay about what I think is important. So I tell stories. I hope my stories will contain that "something infinite" that will continue to engage people even after I'm no longer here. And I hope that some of what I need to tell about now will still be important then.

So, come with me as I share my process of creating a legacy. I plan to include interviews and writing tips from fellow writers, and maybe even some book reviews. Sometimes, I'll even share a few of my own stories. 

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  1. I like that idea - leaving a note to your future generations. It made me stop and think... what do I want them to know about me when they are young and I am gone. For that matter, what do I want to leave for my boys to read? I'd have to agree... that's where my stories come in. Telling tales with big imagination. I think that's mine. I'll come with you on this journey - and I think it'll be great!